Antitrust Compliance

Antitrust principle ​

AIGA VN is non-profit organization whose members are competitors. Members are not allowed to use the forum provided by AIGA VN in order to coordinate their commercial activities. Any activity that could create even a distortion of competition must be strictly avoided at all times​

AIGA VN‘s strict policy to follow a prudent rule in relation to antitrust issues. Therefore, no commercial topics outside the scope of AIGA VN‘s mission should ever be acted upon, or even considered, at any AIGA VN meetings and gatherings.​

AIGA VN‘s antitrust principle prohibit any discussions or exchange of information between its Members that might constitute or imply an agreement or concerted practice concerning: ​

  • Prices or price factors, including discounts, rebates, and reductions; ​
  • Costs and demand structure;​
  • Profits and profit margins; ​
  • Output and sales; ​
  • Market shares and sales territories; ​
  • Investments and marketing plans;​
  • Bidding or refraining from bidding;​
  • Credit conditions or any other terms or conditions of sale;​
  • Selection, rejection, or termination of customers or suppliers;​