Asia Industrial Gases Association in VietNam (called hereafter and all content in this website AIGA VN) under the AIGA is a non-governmental, non-political and non-profitable organization, certificated to operate in Vietnam number 452 CNV-HD on Aug 15th, 2019 and the amended one on Jan 14th, 2020 by Department Of Foreign Affairs Provincial – Ministry Of Foreign Affairs (Vietnam), located in SKYLINE OFFICES – Prime Centre Building, 53 Quang Trung, Nguyen Du Ward, Hai Ba Trung District, Hanoi with participation on the basis of voluntary principles of industrial gas foreign companies authorized to operate in Vietnam. ​​

AIGA VN is certified to operate in promote better safety, health, environment awareness and security in production, distribution and use of Industrial & Medical Gases in Vietnam and is allowed to operate cooperatively in Ho Chi Minh city and Ha Noi city under management of the People’s Aid Co-ordinating Committee (called hereafter PACCOM)​​

AIGA VN cooperates with the Vietnamese government through signing MOU with partners to achieve mission, as well as contributing to build the legal system and standards of the industrial gas industry in Vietnam in accordance with international harmonization standards.​​

AIGA VN has its members who are competitors, thus members are not allowed to use the forum provided by AIGA VN in order to coordinate their commercial activities. Members are competitors in business, but are as brothers in technical, safety, environment and security issues​

AIGA VN promotes the main objectives​

  • General safety, health, environmental awareness and security promote & achieve continuous improvement in the gas industry & medical in Vietnam​​
  • The creation of safety culture & provide guidance, training & support to minimize risks and incidents / accident in the Vietnam​​
  • Advise on establishing regulations / standards that align with international harmonization standards in the industrial & medical gas field.​

Antitrust Compliance

Antitrust Guideline:

AIGA VN is non-profit association whose members are competitors. Members are not to use the forum provided by AIGA in order to coordinate their commercial activities. Each AIGA VN member must exercise its independence business judgment in pricing its products and service, dealing with its customers and suppliers, and choosing the markets in which it will compete. Any activity that could create even the appearance of a restriction or distortion of competition must be strictly avoided at all times​

Key members

Member companies​​

AIGA VN is built on the foundation of voluntary participation by the contribution of resources from the industrial gases foreign companies authorized to operate in Vietnam.​

Currently, there are 8 (eight) members​ companies

Management Agency

AIGA VN is managed directly by the People’s Aid Co-ordinating Committee (“PACCOM”) who functional body under the Vietnam Union Friendship Organization (“VUFO”), specializing in issues related to the Foreign Non-Governmental Organization (“FNGOs”) in Vietnam​

AIGA VN is belong to Asia-Pacific Desk in PACCOM​



The Partners cooperated​​

AIGA VN cooperates with Vietnam Government’s agencies by contributing as donation its knowledge, experience, technologies to promote awareness of safety, health, environment and security and create the safety culture in the industrtial gases industry in Vietnam.​

– Currently, cooperating with 2 (two) partners