Safety knowledge on Hydrogen and its application

Cooperation Seminar with VINACHEMIA


As you know, Vietnam is one of the countries that has joined the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC). Through COPs (“Conference of the Parties”) and other international forums, Vietnam has committed to reduce its greenhouse gas emissions, focusing on the development of renewable energy and clean energy. The efforts of Vietnam and other countries in the region and around the world play a critical role in reducing the impact of climate change and protecting the environment.

During COP26, the Vietnamese Prime Minister made a commitment that Vietnam would be carbon neutral by 2050. And low carbon H2 is emerging as one of the solutions to reach this ambitious objective. A typical example is reducing carbon emissions in transportation.

Hydrogen is a chemical with a high risk of fire and explosion. As such, it needs to be controlled and managed with strict standards and regulations. AIGA Vietnam, based on the experience and knowledge of member companies and international partners, is an expert in the field of Hydrogen and will cooperate with VINACHEMIA to build a system of standards and regulations on safety in the production, storage, transportation, and use of Hydrogen in Vietnam in 2024 – 2025.

On May 24, 2024, with the approval of the Department of Foreign Affairs – Ministry of Foreign Affairs, AIGA VN and VINACHEMIA under MOIT coordinated to organize the 1st seminar in a series of seminars on this subject in Ho Chi Minh city with the topic “Safety knowledge on Hydrogen and its application” to share the basic knowledge about Hydrogen such as its properties, application; production & technology; hazardous & prevention for the related person who are working in this field

Delegates attending the seminar from VINACHEMIA were Mr. Vuong Thanh Chung – Director of Centre for chemical accident response and safety.

Delegates from AIGA VN were Mrs. Claire Rosseler – Chief Representative together with its representative of member companies.

Besides the speakers of AIGA VN, this seminar had a presentation by the experts from Nippon Sanso Vietnam, Mr. Nobuyuki Kojima who is specialist on Hydrogen and  Mr. Nguyen Xuan To – Expert from VINACHEMIA.

There are 4 topics and other action had presented in the seminar.

1 New regulation on chemicals Mr. Nguyen Xuan To


2 HYDROGEN – Properties & Application Mr. Vu Minh Hoang


3 HYDROGEN – Production & Technology Mr. Nobuyuki Kojima


4 HYDROGEN – Hazardous & Prevention Mr. Bui Van Xuan



The seminar was held at Kimdo Saigon Royal Hotel – on the morning of May 24, 2024, with the presence of 116 guests in which 83 people joined in person and 33 ones is in online.

Mr. Milan Sarkar – Secretary General of AIGA in Singapore also joined us by online


The seminar was successfully and received positive feedback from attendees, some comments as follows:

  • The content of seminar is met to participants’ purpose (97%)
  • Quality of presentation and speakers were very good, it is clear and easy understand.
  • Seminar help to improve Hydrogen knowledge for participants (100%)
  • Continue to maintain, organize more seminars to share knowledge
  • Hope that AIGA will organize more seminar
  • Content of presentations are very useful their working
  • Sharing new regulation on chemicals is very important, it help them understand and follow
  • Thank you AIGA VN and VINACHEMIA for organizing this meaningful seminar today