Knowledge about industrial gases, pressure equipment and safety awareness regards to industrial gases equipment

Seminar with DWS


AIGA VN and DWS cooperated to organize the seminar as a training and sharing about knowledge of industrial gases and its related pressure equipment as well as instruction on safety when transporting, storing and using the industrial gas equipment.

The purpose of the seminar is to improve basic knowledge of industrial gas industry and safety awareness for local industrial gas companies.

There are 3 topics and other related action are presented this seminar

1 Gas basic knowledge AIGA VN
2 Knowledge on pressure equipment AIGA VN
3 Safety awareness on transporting, storing and using the industrial gas equipment AIGA VN
4 LN2 demonstration AIGA VN
5 Quizizz game regards to knowledge of industrial gas AIGA VN



The seminar is organized at Adonis hotel, 55 Quang Trung – Hanoi, in the morning Apr 27th, 2021 with nearly 80 participants from DWS, VINACHEMIA, AIGA VN and representatives of local companies with related activities to industrial gases such as production, sales, transportation, use, etc.,

In the afternoon, AIGA VN and DWS have a meeting to review and discuss on the inspection procedures for cylinder (No. 06/2016/BLDTBXH) and for pressure tank (No.07/2016/BLDTBXH) for amending


The seminar is successfully and received a lot of responses and positive feedback from local industrial gas companies such as:

  • It is the first time  having a specialized seminar for industrial gases
  • It helps to understand and gain more knowledge about the industrial gas industry
  • It helps to aware of the hazards and risks of the industrial gas industry, and then, can change thinking and behavior in working with industrial gases
  • It willl be retrained for employees in the company
  • Hopefully, AIGA VN will continue to have more seminars


The meeting in the afternoon is also successfully, DWS and AIGA VN exchanged on technical issues in detail related to the inspection procedures and reached an agreement on some points that need to be amend to suit the actual situation and harmonized with international standards.