Webinar “Safe use of oxygen in medical facilities” – Oct 7, 2021

Webinar with Ministry of Health


Currently, the demand for oxygen in medical facilities is increasing rapidly day by day, and its transportation and storage is also urgent to respond promptly due to the outbreak and prolonged Covid-19 epidemic. However, oxygen remains a strong powerful oxidizer and is supplied in liquid or compressed gas form at very high pressure, so oxygen is classified as a high-risk commodity, then safety measures must be in place and strictly control to prevent accidents and incidents.

The Asia Industrial Gas Association in Vietnam (AIGA VN) with its member companies who are professional manufacturers and suppliers of industrial gases and medical gases, in cooperation with DMEC – MOH hold a webinar on “Safe use of oxygen in medical facilities”, in order to share basic knowledge about oxygen such as production and supply methods, hazards and risks, accidents that have happened and its lessons learned, thereby guiding safety measures in use, transportation, movement and storage to prevent unfortunate accidents that may occur.


  • Mr. Nguyen Minh Tuan – Director General of Department of Medical Equipment and Construction – Ministry of Health
  • Mr. Anthony Yohann Grandpierre – Chief Representative – Asia Industrial Gases Association in Vietnam (AIGA VN)


  • Doctors, experts working in Departments of Ministry of Health
  • Department of Health in provinces, cities and districts
  • Local medical facilities in the country
  • Representative of People’s Aid Coordinating Commiittee (PACCOM); Vietnam Chemical Agency (VINACHEMIA); Department of Work Safety (DWS)
  • The local Industrial Gas Companies

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There were over 444 participants, in which 14 Departments of Health in provinces and cities; and 388 local medical facilities, representatives of the People’s Aid Coordinating Committee, Vietnam Chemicals Agency and Department Work Safety.

The feedback results showed that the webinar met the purpose of the audience, and there are many suggestion of organizing more webinar to support the operation and use of oxygen in medical facilities