Internal Workshop on Medical Gases



Covid-19 pandemic put a big highlight on Medical oxygen. “Medical oxygen is an essential part of the treatment of disease”. However, the medical oxygen supply chain from manufacturers to medical facilities in Vietnam is still complicated.

Medical oxygen is clarified as drug. “Drug” means the responsibilities, risks and rules for manufacturers and distributors.

Most of the member companies of AIGA VN are manufacturers and distributors of medical oxygen gas. Therefore, AIGA VN organized a workshop to share some information about the supply chain (classification of medical gases and medical devices, production, filling, transportation, installation, distribution) and regulation in major markets such as the US, Europe, Asia, and Japan, thereby promoting and recommending the management of medical gases in Vietnam.

The content of workshop includes 6 topics presented by SC members are as follows

1 Context / Definition Mr. Anthony Grandpierre – Messer
2 Production Mr. Naoko Miyoshi – Air Water
3 Transportation Mr. Peh Chee Siong – SIG
4 Filling and Packaging Mr. Vo Xuan Thien – Nippon Sanso
5 Bulk Installation Mrs. Claire Rosseler – Air Liquide
6 Supply Security Mr. Nguyen Van Viet – Linde



This internal workshop is organized in Adonis Hotel at 55 Quang Trung – Hanoi in Jun 16th, 2022


The workshop is an opportunity to exchange information and experiences among member companies, to provide knowledge on medical gases including key issues to ensure TC members receiving meaningful and good information, and from there can work together with MOH in the future