Defensive Driving Course

Cooperation Seminar with VINACHEMIA


Subject of activities in 2023 of AIGA VN is SAFETY TRANSPORTATION. Therefore, topics of seminars will be about safe transport of industrial gases.

On Sep 15th, 2023, AIGA VN and VINACHEMIA under MOIT coordinated to organize the second seminar in a series of seminars on this subject in Ho Chi Minh city with the topic “Defensive Driving Course” to guide the defensive driving techniques to improve the divers’ knowledge in transporting industrial gases

Delegates attending the seminar from VINACHEMIA were Mr. Vuong Thanh Chung – Director of Centre for chemical accident response and safety.

Delegates from AIGA VN were Mrs. Claire Rosseler – Chief Representative together with its representative of member companies.

There are 2 topics and other action had presented in the seminar.

1 New regulation on chemicals. Rev. 01 VINACHEMIA
2 Defensive Driving Course, including 5 keys of safety driving:

1 – Aim high in steering

2 – Get the big picture

3 – Keep your eyes moving

4 – Leave yourself an out

5 – Make sure others see you



The seminar was held at Kimdo Royal Hotel Saigon – on the morning of Sep 15, 2023, with the presence of 60 guests from VINACHEMIA, members of AIGA VN, and representatives of companies operating in the field of industrial gases. such as production, trading, transportation, logistic, etc. In particular, there are many drivers who transport industrial gases


The seminar was successfully and received positive feedback from attendees, some comments as follows:

  • Content of presentation was great. It was really helpful
  • Help Attendees , in particular, the drivers improve their knowledge and driving techniques
  • We will change our driving style following the guideline of defensive driving
  • The content of “New regulation on chemicals” was nice, support to reach the regulation to follow strictly
  • Quality of presentation and speakers were very good. Presentation is nice, simple, easy to understand.
  • Hope that many seminars related to the field of industrial gases will be organized regularly
  • Thank you AIGA VN and VINACHEMIA for organizing this meaningful seminar today