Exploding oxygen cylinder at Seafood facility in Thai Binh province



WHAT Exploding oxygen cylinder
WHEN – WHERE – WHO Oct 22nd, 2022 around 5:00pm at Manh The Seafood facility, located in Ai Quoc village, Nam Thanh commune, Tien Hai district, Thai Binh province
  • When the owner of Manh changed the oxygen cylinder to keep the seafood alive, the oxygen cylinder suddenly exploded.
  • There is a welder working near the oxygen cylinder area
  • The initial cause was determined to be carelessly replacing the oxygen cylinder near the explosive flame (welding)
  • 1 person seriously injured (3rd degree full-body burns)
  • 1 person slightly injured
  • Never do hot work (welding for example) near oxygen storage area
LINK FOR REF. Oxygen exploded at seafood facility in Thai Binh