Chemical Safety in Industrial Gases field

Seminar with VINACHEMIA


AIGA VN and VINACHEMIA cooperated to organize the 1st seminar in Ho Chi Minh city as a training and sharing about knowledge of industrial gases and its related pressure equipment as well as instruction on safety awareness in industrial gases field.

The purpose of the seminar is to improve basic knowledge of industrial gas industry and safety awareness for the people who are working in the industrial gases companies

There are 3 topics and other related action are presented this seminar

1 Gas basic knowledge AIGA VN
2 Knowledge on pressure equipment AIGA VN
3 Safety awareness AIGA VN
4 LN2 demonstration (making ice cream, fish, flower and rubber in LN2) AIGA VN
5 Quizizz game regards to knowledge of industrial gas AIGA VN



The seminar is organized at Kimdo – Royal Saigon Hotel located at 133 Nguyen Hue street, District 1 – Ho CHi Minh city, in the morning May 20th, 2022 (Fri) with about 75 participants from VINACHEMIA, AIGA VN and representatives of companies who are operating in industrial gases field such as production, sales, transportation, use, etc.,

Especially with the attendance of Mr. Luu Hoang Ngoc – Deputy Director General of Vietnam Chemicals Agency (VINACHEMIA) – AIGA VN’s partner and also a representative of a government Authority. He gave a great speech for the cooperation between the two sides as well as the sincere thanks from the government agencies for AIGA VN’s contribution during the recent covid-19 pandemic in Vietnam


The seminar is successfully and received a lot of responses and positive feedback from participant such as:

  • Highly appreciate the cooperation between AIGA VN and VINACHEMIA (Mr. Ngoc – VINACHEMIA)
  • Companies in the industrial gas industry need to update regulations and standards to comply (Mr. Ngoc – VINACHEMIA)
  • Thank you for the contribution and cooperation in production, coordination of oxygen supply to medical facilities throughout the provinces and cities in Vietnam of AIGA VN’s member companies. ((Mr. Ngoc – VINACHEMIA)
  • It is the first time  having a specialized seminar for industrial gases in HCMC
  • It helps to understand and gain more knowledge about the industrial gas industry
  • It helps to aware of the hazards and risks of the industrial gas industry, and then, improve safety-mind and behavior in working
  • It will be retrained for employees in the company
  • Hopefully, AIGA VN will continue to have more seminars