Safe transport of hazardous gases

Cooperation Seminar with VINACHEMIA


Subject of activities in 2023 of AIGA VN is SAFETY TRANSPORTATION. Therefore, topics of seminars will be about safe transport of industrial gases.

On Jun 27th, 2023, AIGA VN and VINACHEMIA under MOIT coordinated to organize the first seminar on this subject in Hanoi with the topic “Safe transport of hazardous gases” to share knowledge, practical experience and propagate. Guidelines for safe transportation, emergency response to hazardous industrial gases

Delegates attending the seminar from VINACHEMIA were Mr. Nguyen Xuan Sinh – Deputy Director General in charge of VINACHEMIA and the Directors, Heads of Departments and experts of the Department.

Delegates from AIGA VN were Mrs. Claire Rosseler – Chief Representative together with its representative of member companies.

There are 4 topics and other action had presented in the seminar.

1 New regulation on chemicals VINACHEMIA
2 Safe transport of hazardous gases

– Hazardous gases – General Principle

3 Safe transport of hazardous gases

– Emergency response and prevention method

4 Safe transport of hazardous gases

– Silane – Emergency response



The seminar was held at Adonis Hotel – on the morning of June 27, 2023, with the presence of 110 guests from VINACHEMIA, members of AIGA VN, and representatives of companies operating in the field of industrial gases. such as production, trading, transportation, use, etc.

Especially with the presence of Mr. Nguyen Xuan Sinh – Deputy Director General in charge – VINACHEMIA under the Ministry of Industry and Trade is currently a partner of AIGA VN and also the representative of the highest chemical regulatory agency in Vietnam. Mr. Sinh gave a speech on the benefits of cooperation between AIGA VN and the Department of Chemicals, highly appreciated the role of AIGA VN in the cooperation between the two sides and raised awareness among employees and employers who are working in the industrial gas sector, aiming to reduce accidents and build a safety culture in the industrial gas industry.


The seminar was successfully and received positive feedback from attendees, some comments as follows:

  • This seminar provides a comprehensive understanding of the hazards and risks of transporting hazardous gases. Improve awareness and will apply it in daily work to ensure safety.
  • It is recommended to regularly organize seminars like this, as it is helpful for those who are working in the industrial gas industry.
  • This workshop helps to increase knowledge and awareness about transport safety. Will share/retrain for colleagues, drivers.
  • These presentations are good/useful materials, beautifully presented, with very vivid illustrations and videos, easy to understand and can be used as training materials within the company.
  • The seminar was very meaningful, the Experts gave professional presentations and very clear instructions on hazards, risks and countermeasures in transportation.
  • Thank you AIGA VN for organizing a meaningful seminar today.