VIGA​ Vietnam Industrial Gases Association

The industrial gas is a HIGHLY RISKY industry, and if incidents or accidents happen, it will result in extremely serious losses.

Therefore, the Industrial Gases Association in the many countries in the world was born, and the foreign industrial gases companies operating legally in Vietnam is also wishing to establish it in Vietnam with the purpose:

  • Promoting AWARENESS OF SAFETY, health and the environment.
  • Advising, providing information, warning about Safety.
  • Sharing lessons learned from accidents and incidents to MINIMIZE THE HAZARD AND RISK.
  • Provides standards and technical information in the industrial gas industry as a data source in the creating of standard that align with international standards in the gas industry for local governments.

The 1st meetings for VIGA establishment

1st Meeting – Sep 22nd , 2010​

1st Meeting – Sep 22nd , 2010​
Key role:

AIGA, ALV, Linde, Sovigaz, NSVN​

  • Discussion on the establishment of VIGA​
  • All participants had agreed to establish VIGA​

2nd Meeting – Sep 22nd , 2012​

 2nd Meeting – Sep 22nd , 2012​
Key role:

Have not a record


Have not a record

3rd Meeting – Oct 15th, 2015​

 3rd Meeting – Oct 15th, 2015​
Key role:

NSVN, ALV, Linde, Messer

  • Procedures to grant of an operation certificate for VIGA​
  • New potential member of VIGA ​
  • Tentative conclusion & things to do​



  • Foreign – Owned Organization have not been yet established association in VN based on the current Law​
  • Foreign-Owned Organizations can join the association in Vietnam which have been established and being operation as the honorary members or the associate members.​


Law reference: ​

The Degree No. 45/2010/NĐ-CP, the Degree No. 33/2012/NĐ-CP, the Circular No. 03/2013/TT-BNV; Article 9, Form No. 9, Annex 1 of the Circular No. 03/2013/TT-BNV dated Apr 16, 2013; and item 3, Article 17, Chapter 3 of the Degree No. 45/2010/NĐ-CP

Oct 30th , 2017 – Meeting with Dept. of Non-Governmental Organization ​under Ministry of Home Affairs (MOHA)​


The office of the Ministry of Home Affairs (8 Ton That Thuyet, Hanoi)​


1 – Nippon Sanso Vietnam (NSVN) – on behalf of AIGA
2 – Dept. of Non-Governmental Organization. (DNGO)​


Nippon Sanso Vietnam JSC: ​

  • Briefly introduction about the industrial gas industry​
  • Explain the purpose to establish Vietnam Industrial Gases Association​
  • Get the confirm of legal regulations on the establishment of associations of foreign organizations in Vietnam​

DNGO Confirmed officially ​

  • Vietnam’s current law has not regulated yet for foreign-Owned Organizations to establish associations in Vietnam​
  • Foreign-Owned Organizations can join the Vietnam association which have been established and being operation as the honorary members or the associate members.​
As the stipulation of the current laws, we had decided to cancel establishing VIGA (Vietnam Industrial Gases Association)

Switch to establish AIGA VN – as a Representative Office of AIGA in Vietnam

Play as the Founder

Mr. HARUHIKO YASUGA (Japanese) ​
The 4th General Director (From 2010 ~ 2019) of​ Nippon Sanso Vietnam Joint – Stock Company (“NSVN”)​
A subsidiary of Taiyo Nippon Sanso Corporation

He had suggested and called up the Foreign Industrial Gases companies in Vietnam to establish the Rep. Office of AIGA in Vietnam in stead of VIGA with the same mission. And he played as a key roles on establishing it​

​Message from Mr. Haruhiko Yasuga

AIGA Asia Industrial Gases Association in Vietnam

The next meetings for AIGA VN establishment

4th Meeting – Jun 26, 2018 (PM)​, HCMC

4th Meeting – Jun 26, 2018 (PM)​, HCMC


  • The reason of stopping VIGA establishment​
  • Proposal for establishing for AIGA Rep. Office in Vietnam – and call AIGA VN​
  • Consider for structure for AIGA VN​
  • NSVN takes responsibility to learn more information of AIGA Rep. Office establishment process and also in charge of implement it accordingly​

5th Meeting – Oct 9, 2018 (AM)​, Ha Noi

5th Meeting – Oct 9, 2018 (AM)​, Ha Noi


  • NSVN reports the procedure of application​
  • All agreed with AIGA VN’s proposed structures and suggest NSVN to carry out the works of AIGA VN application​

6th Meeting – Mar 25th , 2019 (PM)​, HCMC

6th Meeting – Mar 25th , 2019 (PM)​, HCMC


  • On be haft of AIGA, Mr. Milan – General Secretary guide and advice how to organize AIGA VN ​
  • To report on submitting the application of AIGA in Vietnam establishment to the Authority ​
  • To structure and create the resource includes Human and Finance of AIGA VN​


AIGA VN – Cert. No. 452/CNV-HĐ dated Aug 15, 2019 ​

Jan 14, 2019

Submit the application of AIGA VN establishment to the Authority ​

Aug 15th, 2019

The certificate of operation registration has issued by the Dept. of Foreign Affairs under Ministry of Foreign Affairs​

  • Duration : Aug 15, 2019 ~ Aug 15, 2022 (3 years)​
  • Operation location : Ho Chi Minh City and Ha Noi city​
  • Chief Rep. : Mr. Haruhiko Yasuga​
  • Operation Field : Support to improve the awareness about ​safety, health, environment and security in producing and using the
    industrial gases
Oct 2019

We have to apply for an amendment to the change of the Chief Rep., because of Mr. Haruhiko Yasuga returned Japan in the end of May 2019 by the order from Taiyo Nippon Sanso Corp. for other mission.

Jan 14th, 2020

The amended CERTIFICATE has been issued in the name of the new Chief Rep., it is Mr. Anthony Yohann Grandpierre​

Jun 1, 2020​

AIGA VN is officially going to carry its activities​

PACCOM – Direct Management Agency​

AIGA (Asia Industrial Gases Association) is certificated to operate in Vietnam and called AIGA VN under the management directly, guidance and support of the People’s Aid Coordinating Committee (“PACCOM”), the specialized and functional body of the Vietnam Union of Friendship Organizations (“VUFO”), was established on 10 June 1989. ​​

PACCOM is working in four desks (Administration, Europe, North America, and Asia-Pacific). And AIGA VN is belong to Asia – Pacific Desk.​ ​

PACCOM is responsible for relations with International Non-Government Organizations (“INGOs”) and for mobilizing aid. PACCOM works closely with INGOs both at the central level and in all 63 provinces and centrally administered cities to facilitate foreign NGOs’ activities in Vietnam.​

AIGA VN has to take responsibility to consult, report to PACCOM for all activities ​​

Ref. in detail at​